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How to Make Prayer Super Effective

Prayer for Your Health and Happiness

You ever feel like you want something so bad and you're asking, praying for it to happen…and nothing?

a better relationship with your partner

more patience for your children

support with weight loss efforts...

If so, then I know what I’m going to share with you today, will serve you - because I'm going to share the secrets of prayer I have learned, that helped me open the floodgates to receiving whatever I ask for.

We are not alone. There are greatest forces working for you and with you. So how do you tap into that and use to get what we desire?

Once I applied the secrets I’m about to teach you to my prayer, something remarkable happened – beyond what I thought was possible – answers started to come. I started running into people that gave me advice (just when I needed to hear it) or a friend or total stranger tells me about someone or something that is key to receiving what I ask for.

So, are you ready to learn these secrets too?

You can watch the video below where I share these secrets using the example of my adrenal fatigue healing journey or continue reading:

The secret to prayer is in HOW you ask.


When you pray, use words that focus on what you want…rather than what you don’t want. Nix phrases like “I NEED TO” or “I HAVE TO”, “I NEVER…”

Instead of focusing on the pain, frustration or disappointment you’re experiencing in the moment, focus on the health, the energy, the life you desire. When you practice this, it does several things...

First, your words and thoughts about your condition turn from negative to neutral, at the very least. At best, they shift to more positive ones. This gets you in the mindset of - not IF I will get, have,, but WHEN.

Second, you’re tapping into the feeling that what you desire is already present in your life…bringing in the feeling of hope and that will improve your mood. This leads me to my second key element of effective prayer and that is...


The energetic vibration or frequency you are putting out into the world when you pray is so important. Why? Because we are energetic beings, so what energy we put out into the world comes back to us. It's science.

So, a way to guarantee your vibration is high during prayer - and 100x more powerful - is to make sure your words and emotions come from a place of curiosity, gratitude and excitement rather than of desperation and fear.