Meet Angela


Meditation & Yoga Teacher


Motivational Speaker

Energy Worker

Angela knows what it's like to want MORE for your body and your life.


to feel stronger in your body

to have more energy each day

to slow down and to have more fun

And she knows how it is to feel stuck and needing someone else to show her a way out, to give her new tools to step beyond her comfort zone. 

Angela has a great, big tool box to help her clients step beyond their current reality and limitations so they can start CREATING the life and body they truly desire. 

Angela not only loves helping women and mothers get fit and feel fabulous through private coaching, she also has other passion projects. 


Angela is the original life force behind Heal Your Adrenal (HYAF), a global adrenal fatigue online hub, serving thousands of adrenal fatigue sufferers across the globe.


Angela is the co-creator of Fatigued 2 Fabulous, a holistic recovery program for adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and stress-related conditions.


Her meditation album, Chaos 2 Calm teaches and empowers people with stress and hormone-related conditions to change their relationship with stress and life so they can get their energy and their lives back.


Angela does hands-on energy healing known as Access Consciousness BARS, an energy healing modality that helps people retrain their minds, to release blocks and old sabotaging patterns and open them up to all possibilities that life has to offer.


When she's not transforming women's lives, Angela loves tromping around her backyard with her son, hubby and their chickens as well as surfing and paddling the California Coast. She also never misses an opportunity to dance her heart out. 


I’d really love to connect with you and help you

Get fit and feel fablous!

The best places to connect with Angela are in the comments section of her YouTube video blogs or on Facebook.